1. Emma

    Hi! i am working on this pattern and I think there may be an error in row 14. It says only 1 chain, but should it be 3 instead like in the previous? I noticed there seems to be a longer chain too in the picture.
    I am looking forawrd to finishing this! It looks so beautiful already! Thank you!

    • Naomi

      Hi Emma, which chain are you referring to?

      R14) Work a Tall Cluster chaining 4 in place of the 1st dtr, ch, *dtr4tog, ch* repeat all the way round, ss to close. (136)

      It could be the way I’ve phrased it in the pattern but R14 starts with ch4. Hope that helps! 🙂 xx

      • Emma

        Thanks for your response! I meant the chain in between the tall clusters. So it is really just 1 chain in between? It looks so cramped when i tried it.
        And again, i cant thank you enough for this beautiful pattern, i can’t wait to finish!

        • Emma

          i just realized where i went wrong. i thought they were all tall clusters in row 14, but it is just the first one. I’ll post a photo in instagram when I’m done. 🙂

  2. Claudia Ospina

    Hi Naomi,
    First of all let me tell you that I love your page.
    I’m new in the crochet world, just started this February but I’m totally “hooked”. I’m trying to follow this pattern with my poor experience in reading patterns. But just the transition from row 7 to row 8 make no sense to me as there is no dtr in the previous row (row 7)

    R7) ss into ch sp, (ch3, tr) in this space, 2tr in each ch sp around, ss to close (84)

    R8) Work a Tall Cluster chaining 4 in place of the 1st dtr, ch3, *Tall Cluster, ch3* repeat** to end, ss to close (113).

    I completed row 7 with the indicated 84 stitches but I just don’t know where to work the Tall Cluster indicated on R8
    I’m sorry for my lack of inexperience and thank you so much!


    Claudia Ospina

    • Naomi

      Hi Claudia, Thanks so much for your kind words and welcome to the world of crochet!

      I’m afraid the way I have worded the pattern is tripping you up, sorry! A tall cluster essentially consists of 4 dtrs, but for the very first tall cluster of the row you should chain 4 which will count as the first of those 4dtrs to make the cluster. This all starts from the point you ss to close row 7.

      I really hope that has made it a little clearer for you! Don’t hesitate to ask if it hasn’t!

      Naomi x

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