1. Kerstin

    Hey Naomi,
    I got just started on your beautiful pattern! Finished one heel.
    One question: could you double check the number of chains at the beginning? I am counting 15… Or there’s a few too many trc.

    • Naomi

      Hi Kerstin,
      You are totally correct it should be 15 chains to start! Massive typo! Thankyou for noticing I will update and correct now!
      Naomi xx

    • Cheryl Kinman

      I just want to thank you so much for these and the little flower power sandals. I have a little crochet business. not much but it helps out a little bit. I am so thankful for cute free patterns. This pattern and flower power were so easy to follow. Thank you again. Cheryl Kinman, Moreno Valley, California. USA

  2. Alyss

    Lemme just say Naomi, when you decide to set your hook to work, the outcome will be amazing! I LOVE these! I love all your patterns 😉 :D!

  3. I think we are missing something in this pattern. I have tried the sole 3 times and I had a friend try it as well. We keep ending up with what looks like right soles!!! I would be find with it but I cant put I got too many rights and no lefts. it seems to turn at r1 when you do 7DC in the last st in the chain. do u have pictures of a finished soul sorry Sole.

    thank u anxiously awaiting your feed back

    • Naomi

      Hi Myla, sorry you are having a problem! The soles are neither right or left so should be an even shape. I do not have a worked up pair currently but I will have a look back through my photos and see if there is something to help you. I will post it up if I do! xx

  4. Kim Wannarka

    Hi, I was just wondering if you had come up with a video or picture tutorial on this pattern yet? Thanks Kim Wannarka

    • Naomi

      Hi Kim, I’m very sorry but I haven’t and it is unlikely to happen in the near future (my baby boy is due in 4 weeks!) sorry! xx

  5. Virginia

    Hi! 🙂
    I love these little sandals! I have many nieces all different ages between nb and 19 months, it mentioned a downloadable pdf for the other sizes but i can’t quite find it. Please help, all mommys have requested a pair and i can’t adjust size on my own :/ im a pattern dependent crocheter. Thanks for sharing your hard work,such gorgeous creations! (^_~)

  6. Tina

    Hi! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this pattern!!! Has the PDF for the other sizes been posted yet? I can’t seem to find it

    • Naomi

      Hi Tina, Thanks so much for your comment! I am afraid the pdf is not yet ready, so sorry. I have edited the post to reflect this! xx

  7. Emma

    wow these are beautiful and I cant wait to try And attempt them. But was wondering where I would find the pdf pattern for 9-1months please 🙂

    • Naomi

      Hi Emma, Thanks so much for your comment! I am sorry the pdf is not yet ready. I have now edited the post to reflect this! xx

  8. Hi, Love the pattern, can’t find the proper thickness of yarn though :/ will have to play around with the hook sizes.
    but I love the sandals 😀 and am determined to make a pair 😀

  9. aye cho thin

    Hi, I really thank u because your pattern help me to make easy learning..
    Most of patterns are not as simple & clear as yours.thank u so much.

  10. Lillian

    Thank you very much for the pattern. These turned out adorable! Is there a place to post pictures?

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