Five Fact Friday

6 June 2014 · 1 comment

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1. Hi all! I am introducing a new weekly feature over here today! One of my favourite blogs – One Lovely Life (which I have been reading for somewhere in the region of 6 years!) has a feature every Friday called…

You guessed it… ‘Five Fact Fridays’! This week I thought I would join in too.

The basic premise is 5 random, happy, good or new things that occur over the last week – with photos (only a few phone snaps today I’m afraid) that may or may not have anything to do with the ‘facts’. FUN!


2. Little legs cope with stair cases better than hills – Or at least our little lady’s little legs do…. or even her feelings towards stair cases are to totally love them, which means we get much further than just tackling the steady incline of the West Hill. Our little miss independent pretty much insists on walking everywhere these days and the mere mention of a pushchair is enough to trigger a LOUD meltdown, and with no longer owning a car… well our journeys are slow… But since Vince discovered a variety of stepped ‘shortcuts’ it has vastly improved! Also I love place names, they fascinate me.


3. I love how little eyes are drawn to little things – I love spotting things to point out to Emma when we are out walking and I love it more when she spots tiny things – quite often ‘bugs’ – to show me. She is also fascinated by every stone she has ever laid eyes on and does her best to fit every single one she sees into her pockets – and mine.


4. I love Thursday mornings - I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful church community for myself and our little family. On Thursday mornings I attend a small bible study group of mums while our babies and toddlers are cared for in a creche run by other church members. I feel so blessed to have the friendship and fellowship, advice and support of these wonderful women. I also feel blessed that Emma loves her time playing with the other children and that it is the one time in the week that both Emma and I leave the house and Vince gets some space to do his own thing!


5. Our summer hols are here! – Vince has one shift left to do tomorrow evening and then 8 days off! Even better – by a perk of scheduling he has most of the following week off too! Looking forward to more beach trips, taking Emma to the zoo and whatever else takes our fancy :)

Have a lovely weekend friends!

Naomi x2

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Alyss June 10, 2014 at 4:03am

Yay to the time off Vince gets!!! :) Hope all of you have a fun and safe holiday!
God bless your family,


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