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13 December 2013 · 1 comment

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Today the 3 of us took a trip out to Canterbury for the fun of it. In spite of the pretty darn miserable, wet weather, we had a nice, easy day which broke the hectic pace of December.

We took the train up to the city as Emma enjoys train journeys and I enjoy not having to drive and pay parking charges!

Actually I think it would be fair to say that Emma loves train journeys and the travelling portion of the day was her highlight.

We were lucky to have very friendly train conductors both there and back. On the way out we were buying our tickets on the train, after chatting away to us all, Bob the conductor needed to pop back into his little room for a moment so he just handed over his ticket machine for me to finish of my purchase. Lucky we are such trustworthy people :)

ticket lady

emmas ticket

On the return journey as everyone was showing their tickets, a different conductor very kindly printed of a plain ticket for Emma to show and then clipped it for her with a special christmas tree punch :) Which she promptly stuck straight in her mouth, hence the chewed up corner :/

happy seat

Emma was extremely excited to sit on the little fold down seat by the doors, as you can see! It’s an ideal spot for us when it’s quiet as there is space for our big pushchair and a little room for Emma to move about in. It is also enough space to stretch out and have a nap too!

sleeping emma

We did actually go into Canterbury for lunch and some light shopping. Lucky girl that I am, I got some new boots as I had literally worn holes in the soles of my favourites (I have worn them alot over the last 5 years)¬†and my darling hubby bought me a new Cath Kidston mug… to replace my previous one which he dropped on our kitchen floor!

ck mugThe lovely ladies in the CK store generously provided Emma with some christmas stickers to play with aswell. On the train home this is what our funny little girl did with them…

sticker faceI can’t believe this silly little cheeky monkey of ours is turning 2 on Tuesday! Ach!

All in all a lovely little day trip with my favourites :)

Did you manage to have any Friday fun? I hope so!

Naomi x2





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Alyss December 16, 2013 at 5:18am

Sounds like you had a fun day!


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