Christmas Pyjamas

24 December 2013 · 1 comment

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Oh dear there has been a bit of a gap in my posting again…

This week has just whizzed by in a blur of visits and visitors, post-birthday celebrations, pre-christmas preparations and all sorts of creative business!

Still, I may not have posted every day as I intended but I have been posting more regularly than in recent months. That’s still an achievement in my books!

Part of the last week has been spent on making up some christmas PJs for us all.

Apologies for the phone snaps, hopefully I’ll take some proper photos later!

I made a full set for Emma but actually just the PJ trousers for Vince and I, mainly to keep the cost of fabric reasonable!

Emma and I have matching Riley Blake cotton flannel PJs in ‘Santa’s Workshop’.

mum pjs

Vince’s are in a flannel printed with Dr Seuss’s ‘The Grinch’ all over. I feel the need to point out that he chose the fabric for himself!

grinch pjs

Although there are a few little things I would change if I made them again, I am extremely happy with how they have turned out!

The plan is to have our dinner very shortly, then have showers and give Emma her bath and get cosy in our new Christmas pyjamas. We will spend our early Christmas Eve evening snuggled on the sofa together watching Mickey’s Christmas Carol.

After Emma’s gone to bed Vince and I will put It’s A Wonderful Life on and finish wrapping Emma’s presents! LOL!

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas Eve evening to me!

I hope you all have a lovely evening too!

Naomi x2



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Alyss December 28, 2013 at 2:58am

You did a great job on the PJs! Well… you can’t really tell for Vince’s and your’s but I’ve seen the pictures of the other projects you’ve done. They look awesome, so there’s know reason why these should be any less so.
I really love the empire waist on Emma’s shirt. It looks VERY cute, turns it from a pajama shirt you lovingly made your daughter, to a priceless treasure of a pajama shirt that you lovingly made Emma.


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