1. Alyss

    That first picture is so cute! I love, love, LOVE the third picture with the bench and the path, so beautiful….
    In addition to commenting on your awesome photography, I had a quick question. In you shop you are selling a hat the pattern by Nicki Trench. If it’s not a lot of trouble can you please provide a link for the pattern? I have looked all over for it, but sadly my surching and (more importantly) finding skills are lacking :). Thanks,

      • Alyss

        Have you found any/many errors in the book? I was reading the reviews and it sounded like there were but the comments were mainly from begginner crocheters so… Also were there pictures for every project or nearly every project?
        Sorry I’m asking so many questions but I to know what I am buying ;). Oh, and thank you for giving me the link!

        • Naomi

          I personally haven’t come across any errors but then I have only made a couple of patterns from the book so far! I didn’t read any reviews as it was gift but I’ll be on the look out now! There are lovely pictures for each project though 🙂 xx

          • Alyss

            Thanks, this was really helpful. I think I know something to put on my Christmas list now :).

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