1. amie

    Lovely job!! I think that is one of the clearest tutes I have seen 🙂 (I think I will still let you do the needlework, though– you do such a beautiful job!! ) NIxie loves her sandals, though I am anxiously awaiting the next size up– her feet seem to be growing faster than any other part right now.

    • Melissa

      I was wondering how to make this pattern in a 6 to 9 month. I am teaching myself how to crotchet and not quite sure how to do this. Thanks in advance.

  2. Ashley

    Awesome! just saw this! i think this will help a bit. still need to work on the basics, its been years so i forgot a lot. 🙂 Thank you so much, this as given me something exciting to do since the baby (which of course is very exciting on its own)

    • Naomi

      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. Do you know what seems to be going wrong? If you can’t figure it out you could find a different small flower pattern and make them your own 🙂

    • Naomi

      Really?! I’m sorry about that, 11cm is the average heel-to-toe length of shoes for up to 6months in the UK so that’s what I based the size on.

  3. Catie

    I just made a pair last night! They are so cute! The pattern was very easy to read and I was able to successfully complete the project! I am a beginner crocheter as well so I am especially pleases with myself! Thank you so much for providing the pattern, can’t wait to put them on my daughter! Do you have more patterns available?

  4. OH Naomi, these are just too cute, they make me want to have a little one just so I can crochet some for her tiny feet lol

    Hope you and your lovely family are doing well 🙂

  5. Anette klomp

    I would love to order a pair for my, will be born, daugter. Can I choose colors?
    I live in the Netherlands, if that ain’t a problem.


  6. Sarah Carver

    I LOVE THESE SANDALS!!! I just finished making my first shoe and it is soooo cute!!! Thank you so much for going into such great lengths to make sure it is easily understood!!!

  7. Desteni

    I LOVE these! So darling!In regards to increasing size, For the soles, I used a size 5.50 mm Hook (US) and used a doubled strand of yarn (basic red heart). Started with a chain of 12 instead of 14 and just reduced all the stitch lengths by 1. ( ex: where it says 1htc for the next 5, I only stitched 1htc for the next 4) And for the last round I used the htc stitch as the tc made it too wide and big for my daughters size, but would work fine if you needed them that much larger.They fit my nearly 3 old well,she wears an infant size 7.5. For the straps and backing you just adjust to your child’s needs. I hope this helps!!! Thanks for sharing this adorable pattern!!!

    • Naomi

      Hi Desteni, Thanks for sharing! I’ll be giving this a go myself soon! I think using the double strand is the answer I’ve been looking for! 🙂 xxx

  8. Carla

    Hi, I love the pattern and hope to make it soon. I have one question though. What is a magic circle? I haven’t heard this term before. Thank you so much.

  9. Glenda

    Sensacional… Muito bom seu trabalho. Parabéns querida, e, obrigada por compartilhar conosco essa maravilha. Deus abençoe você..!

  10. mika

    Hello, i just saw this on Pinterest and i really want to try to make this one but my problem is that im begginer and dont know nothing about crochet…
    My friend having her first baby girl and really really want to make one for her as gift. can you tell me or help me out? how to make this one? i really appriciate!

  11. Carolyn

    This is so adorable! I am attempting to make for my 4 month old niece(who is basically the size of a 6 month) and I’m having trouble getting the size to be small enough. I am using a 3.5mm hook and can only think that the yarn is too big? Do you pull your loops really tight in this or do you keep them loose? Any suggestions?

    • Naomi

      I do crochet quite tightly but if they are quite big and you crochet slightly looser you could always try moving down to a 3mm hook, I do that to obtain a newborn size lol! Hope that helps xxx

  12. Thank goodness I found your website! I am almost done with the sandals ( working with the straps now) for my 6mos old baby! Great tutorial! very easy and so clear 🙂

  13. Jen

    Just found this. So, SO, SOOOO darling. I don’t know any little girlies in need of sandals at the moment but may have to make a pair or two just to have ready for gifting when the time comes. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Marissa

    I cannot seem to get the Flower right. I have done and redone it several times now and its not coming out right 🙁

  15. shanna

    I am a really confused on the beginning of making the flower. I don’t understand what you mean by make a magic circle chain 2 dc 6… thank you so much for the free pattern!

  16. Sharon

    I am not quite finished with one, but I will be making some of these. It is simply but since I am left handed so I had to do the Tutorial and it was easy to follow. (EVERYTHING is backwards for a Lefty. LOL) I used an E hook and Caron Simply Soft. It is larger than I thought it would be, so I will drop it to a D hook. I am looking forward to finish the pair.
    Thanks so much for the free pattern. I am on a “fixed” income, so I depend on free patterns to make my baby gifts. I am also planning on making four pair to put up for my grandchildren when they have their first baby.

    • Naomi

      Hi, it means 2 half trebles in that stitch or 3 half trebles. In US terms this is the same as half double crochets. Does that help any? xx

  17. Heidi

    These are so cute and I have been trying to make them. I am left handed and everything was turning out fine until the beginning of round 3, which is when I noticed it looked the same as yours but backwards; which makes the chain 3 of round 3 be on the other side.. I can’t think of any solution since I can’t crochet with my right hand. This has never happened to me before with any other pattern! 🙁

  18. Emi

    Thank you for the tutes & pattern. Yesterday i finish a pair to make a gift to my friend, so lovelys.Please post if you know how to make the sandals more bigger to my daughter.
    You will post more patterns you`re clear. Thanks!

  19. Irma Cornejo

    I am from Mexico, and this is the first step by step so good, thank you for your time, I will try to do this right now, greetings.

  20. melissa Lopez

    Hello Naomi,
    I’d love to order two pairs of these for my nieces. I live in Chicago. Is it still possible to order them?

  21. ayesha

    I want to learn double crochet , half double, half treble…can you please tell me the difference in all these stiches ?

  22. Angela DeBruhl

    Thank you for the free pattern. These are beautiful and you can change the colors and make some for all of Baby’s summer wardrobe. I really appreciate those fellow crocheters that take the time to share free patterns with us! So thanks again! I will send a couple of pictures of the finished products!
    Angela DeBruhl
    West Columbia, South Carolina

  23. Jacqueline Pace

    Is there a video for this pattern? I am new to crocheting and watching by video works best for me since I don’t understand all of the language of it. If at all possible can you email me at squirrelsgirl01@yahoo.com and let me know if there is a video or not?

  24. Yiyi Aldrich

    Hi Naomi. My name is Yiyi Aldrich from Puerto Rico. I love this sandals. How I can download the pattern? Thanks.

  25. haniyah

    This pattern does not work fro me every time I get to the second row I always have four or five stitches left over

    • Naomi

      Hi Haniyah,

      I’m sorry you are having trouble. Are you keeping a close eye on your stitch counts? You should start with 14ch, 31st at the end of R1 and 43sts at the end of R2. I’m afraid I don’t know how else I can help without seeing what you are doing! But if you have any questions please do ask!

      Naomi xx

  26. Angi

    I am wanting to make these for an 11 month old. how would I make them bigger? I see they are for 0-6 month only.

    • Naomi

      Hi Angi, I’m afraid I have never made these sandals up to that size, they really are just baby sandals. You could try just adjusting the hook size, potentially a 5mm with aran weight yarn would work. Alternatively an extra round could be worked out to increase the size but you would also need to add something to the sole for grip for little walkers, and at this time I haven’t done it myself.
      Sorry not to be of more help! Naomi xx

  27. Ld Good

    I love these, so cute! I am having slight problem , on first round you follow around to other side of chain, but the following rows you are actually turning your work and going back over the stitches you you have just completed? I have done it both ways and just dont know which is correct. Turn your work or work in rounds? Thanks for your pattern and help!

  28. Hello Naomi, I have found so many cute things for babies on your web, I am a beginner, and decided to do these sandals. I was a challenge I have to say 😀 Anyway, my sandal for my daughter is done, one more ahead. I used yarn doubled to make them bigger, since my daughter is 10 months old and they ended up perfect. If you want to see the picture of the first one I would be happy for you to see it, cause I made it because of your time devoted to this great tutorial.

    Many greetings from hot Czech Republic 🙂 Have a nice summer. Nikki.

  29. dikla

    Hi I counted 31 in the first and 43 in second but istill have 2 ch left before the tr on the ss. Helpppp thanks.

  30. Ancy

    Hi Naomi,

    I’ve always been a knitter until my Daughter showed me your pattern, requesting I make her some. I while creating these sandals I’ve been learning how to crochet too, so it’s been a wee bit interesting at times but when my grandchild is born she will be the proud owner of a pair of green and gold sandals (Yes I’m Australian) thanks to your excellent Tutorial.

  31. Leslie Barton

    Would it be possible for you to email me the picture tutorials for the Baby Sandles so I can have it handy without being online when I make them. I really want to try these but need the tutorials and it would be easier to use if I didn’t have to be online. I truly would appreciate it!

    • Naomi

      Hi Leslie, I can’t email the tutorial as it is, as the number of pictures makes the file too large! I will try and get the tutorial put into PDF format that can be downloaded from here in the next few days though. I hope that is helpful! Naomi xxx

  32. Paula

    i just finished my first attempt, using a f needle. Way to long, 12.7 cm.. Would I go one or two sizes smaller on the needle? Ah well, guess by the time I figure that out I may be good enough to give as the gift intended.

    • Naomi

      Hi Paula, this pattern requires a 3.5mm hook which I believe is an E hook in the US, so I would definitely try again going down one hook size. If this is still too large it could be that your tension is looser than mine which could be solved by trying to tighten your tension or by going down another hook size.
      I hope this is helpful! Naomi xx

  33. Lisa Beauregard

    Do you still make the flower power sandals to order? I would like to order a pair for my newborn granddaughter. How much do you charge? Thank you!

    • Naomi

      Hi Lisa, I’m sorry I am not making to sell at the moment, I have just had a new baby myself and don’t currently have the time to put into it. xx

  34. Carrie

    It was all going good until I got to the magic circle part. What in the world is a magic circle and how do I make one?

  35. Carlotta

    Hello Naomi! I was looking thru the Creative Ideas site that was shared on FB! I love your little BBy Sandals, and looking forward to making some of these. Your instructions are just wonderful. Thanks so much for taking the time to document well and take awesome pics of your work and sharing with us! Congrats on your New BBy as well. 😉

  36. Carolyn Robinson

    I just want to say God Bless You for Sharing Your Patterns For Free. My husband and I both are Back Patients with 2 surgeries and a rod and cage in my back. We are expecting a Grand Daughter around Dec. 18, 2015. And due to our Limited Income, We appreciate what you do by Giving Your Free Patterns. God Will truly Bless You For Your Help To Others Like Me. Thank you Naomi.

    • Naomi

      Hi Carolyn, What a lovely comment! Thank you so much! I hope your new grand daughter will enjoy her sandals (She is due around my daughters birthday too – such a special time of year!) Naomi xx

  37. Yulia

    Hi Naomi!
    I have tried to make a pair of these sandals.. So beautiful.. But I’m sad when I’m trying to wear it on my baby feet, the sandals were too small.. And I have tried to increase the size basically follow your pattern and increase on any parts.. And I’m happy because it works.. Now I have a pair with approx 13cm long from toe to heel..

  38. Lisa Rusiecka

    Ah wonderful! I really struggle to understand crochet patterns, but with the photos this is so clear to follow! Thank you very much!!

  39. Belinda Gallant

    I just did these up for my granddaughter and they came out beautiful – thank you so much for taking the time to do this pattern

  40. silvana

    Olá. Achei linda demais a sandália, no entanto não consigo entender as abreviaturas pois sou brasileira e não tenho muita noção de inglês. gostaria muito de ter esse padrão de modo português. Ou então um gráfico simples. Um beijo.

  41. Baila

    Hi, I absolutely love this pattern. Just wondering if you would write up a different pattern for the right and left foot, cuz both my sandals came out “right footers”…

    • Naomi

      Hi Baila, there is only one pattern as it should be a neutral foot shape. I’m so sorry you are having a problem! Naomi x

  42. Borislava

    Thank you so much for the pattern! I just finished my first crochet sandals. The photo tutorial was very helpful.
    Only instead of buttons (because I didn’t have any), I made small leaves which look nice as a part of the flower.
    I hope to find time soon for other patterns. Thanks again! ):

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