1. Those bluebells are gorgeous! I love the second picture of them because it almost looks eerie like they are floating flowers. Your daughter is a cutie pie!

    That Church in the village is beautiful. I wish we had something like that around here. I guess maybe I should explore and open my eyes a little bit. You never know what beauty you have around you if you don’t look.

  2. Deirdre MISTARZ

    Hello! How beautiful those bluebell woods and all; it reminds me of the woods in spring around my grandmother’s home in Kent! Here I am stuck down in hot hot, windy, sunny France and longing to peep back home!

    I’ve come across your ‘site because my daughter in law saw those cute little sandals and has asked me if I could make a pair for my tiny weeny grand-daughter Shyne.

    Thank you for the beautiful memory!

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