1. Hope Zelasko

    Naomi, Thank you soooo very much for your generous sharing of this tutorial. I have wanted to try wire crochet and looked at many books but was too intimidated. Your tutorial pictures make me believe that even I could do this bracelet. My sincere appreciation. Hope

  2. Lindsay

    How do you get the chain size/stitch size so consistent? I did make one, but was having a hard time with the wire. Thank you so much for such a great tutorial!

    • Naomi

      Thanks Lindsay! Erm… I guess practice! The thinner the wire the easier it is to work with as well so you could try that, but really I think it just takes a little while to get used to the different feel and tension of wire. xx

  3. Jess

    I love this tutorial, thanks! I’ve finally gotten the hang of tiny crochet (with 1.5mm hook and less) and so this is my next conquest!
    Just wondering if you allow people to recreate and sell this item?

    • Naomi

      Hi Jess,

      I am happy for you to sell any items you make from my patterns, I only ask that design credit be given to me and that the pattern itself not be reproduced or sold. xx

  4. Lori

    Naomi, I love this bracelet but how do keep the wire from breaking? Especially when putting it on and taking it off, seems to me if you keep bending it around your wrist it would eventually crack in places.

    • Naomi

      Hi Lori,
      The wire you use should be a good quality craft or jewellery wire that is made for this kind of wear. As you bend it around your wrist it bends as a mesh which gives it much more durability and it never creates enough stress on the wire anywhere to break it. In order to break or crack the bracelet you would have to be specifically and repeatedly bending it to the extreme, it would need a lot of concentrated effort! I have been wearing mine for months & months now and it’s as springy as when I first made it. Hope this helps! x

  5. Billie Jean

    thank you for sharing this beautiful bracelet with all of us. Looking forward to starting it tonight.
    I also use artistic wire as I find that it is very durable for these projects. IHope you have a wonderful holiday season.
    Billie Jean

  6. Joan

    Hi – This is the first time I have made a wire bracelet (but I am an avid crocheter). I did the bracelet body, the first end part – and kept on with single crochet across the long side – did the other end – and finished with single across the other long side. It gave it a little more body. Thanks for the good instructions.

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  8. Sharon French

    Thank you for sharing these very complete and easy to understand instructions. It reminded me I can use what I already know to make lovely jewelry. Regular wire wrapping is very hard for my old hands. 70 years of crocheting put to good use.

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