1. Tina Leigh

    Dont shoot me down here but I do not look at the Mormon faith as a Christian one. Unless I was going to be witnessing to a Mormon, I would not read their material. Satan has a way of making us question our faith at times anyway so I will not give him ammo to confuse me. If I am witnessing to someone of a different religion then I will study theirs, carefully, under prayer.

    Just my little thoughts…not to offend.

    And The Hobbit!! Lord of the Rings is my number one favorite book ever!! Are you looking forward to the movie coming out in December?!!! Oh I cant wait! You know, I need to find my Hobbit book & re-read before the movie comes out!!

    I would love to get a taste of that soup!! I bet it is soooo good!!

    • Naomi

      Hi Tina,
      I’m know what you mean and I’ve been struggling with my faith a lot recently and have found myself looking in all sorts of places for answers. Ironically, looking into the LDS church has only helped me confirm what I already believed, and that isn’t the Book of Mormon. I found that on the surface it was all quite agreeable and even appealing, but as I looked deeper into certain rituals/ceremonies & beliefs… well it just doesn’t align with my own beliefs. That said I know some lovely mormons and certainly don’t judge them.

      I love the Hobbit!!! I think this is my fourth time reading it, I always loved it over The Lord of the Rings. I can’t wait for the movie either! I’m so glad it’s Martin Freeman aswell! I only hope it’s a good adaptation and they haven’t changed too much.

      Oh and the soup is rather good… but then I’m biased!!! 🙂

  2. theresa

    The Bible says that no one can add to or take away from it. Mormons have done exactly that. They are in the same category as Jehovahs Witnesses. They speak the name of Christ, but Joseph Smith is who they follow. They are deceived.

  3. Tina Leigh

    It sounds like you are stronger in your faith then what you are giving yourself credit for. You have discernment so that is good! I do not struggle with my faith but I do struggle with “why” sometimes. I am getting much better. I am learning to trust God more. The Bible is complicated, so I try not to let things I don’t understand trip me up. I stick to the things I do know for sure and trust God is going to enlighten me one day.

    Did that make any sense? Lol!

    The cheesy chicken tater tot thing I found on Pinterest. I haven’t tried it yet. If its any good, ill send you the link. I’ll be the lab rat! Lol!

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