1. I absolutely LOVE this little owl rattle and want to make it for my little baby who will be here in a matter of weeks! I am semi-new to crochet and just a wee bit confused … I understand the owl head is basically worked … but I don’t understand how it changes to the long tube for the handle/body. First one closes the head? then starts to work the handle/tube at the other end? Are these two separate pieces that are joined together in the end? I would love a tip or two if you don’t mind … I can’t wait to make this! Thank you so much for sharing! I really appreciate this colorful fun design! 🙂

    • Naomi

      Hi Becca,
      Ahhh I was worried that bit wouldn’t be very clear! The head and body is all one piece. The head is R1-9, R10 is the start of the tube. It is worked so that instead of doing another full round, you work halfway up one edge (11sts) then turn the work and work back along the opposite edge. (The picture shows the work just after it has been turned) Effectively creating two openings instead of one. The following rounds are all worked on that smaller round creating the tube which is then bent round to meet the second smaller opening.
      Has that helped any? I hope so! But feel free to ask any more questions 🙂 xxx

        • Naomi

          Hi Janet,

          Sorry that photo really isn’t the most helpful is it! The aim of R10 is to create the beginning of a long tube (body) that will be filled and bend round and rejoin to the section you have just crocheted (head). To do this you press the ‘head’ in half with the seam and your hook to the right hand edge, as opposed to working another full round which is too wide you only work 11sts before turning the work over, so the seam is now on the left hand side, you can now see the other side of the ‘head’, you make your next stitch on this side and work back to the first ch to close the round. Now your following rounds will be created on the smaller circumference building the tube for the ‘body’.

          I hope that helps a little more and I’m sorry if it didn’t!!!

        • Naomi

          Hi, round 9 is just like the previous rounds, ch1, sc all the way round totalling 44sts because we count the ch1 as a stitch here. Hope that helps! Naomi x

  2. Hustyggrandma

    anxious to try making these for my expected grandchild Hope my limited crochedt knowledge will be enough
    I am a knitter! but love this project

  3. Melissa

    This is so cute!! I make and sell crocheted items at fairs and a percentage of my income goes to the local Children’s Developmental Center ( a pre-school for special needs children) I would like your permission to make and sell your adorable owl rattle. Of course, I would list you as the designer. Thank you!

  4. Thanks Naomi! That clears it up quite a bit for me! I’lll let you now if I have any other questions. Thanks again for posting! Soooo cute! 🙂

  5. Janet

    Too cute! I’ve got it started but this is the first time I’ve crocheted stripes in a circle. How did you keep your color changes from forming a line spiraling around the tube?

    • Naomi

      Hi Janet,
      The short answer is I didn’t! But I found that the line didn’t twist all the way round it was only a gentle curve, and by the time the tube is formed into the ring the seam is entirely on the back so not really a problem. xxx

    • This may be a bit difficult to type, but I will give it a try…. On the last stitch of each round, that *last* yarn over and pulling through both loops on the hook, instead of yarning over with the same colored yarn in the row I was working, I used my next colored yarn. Once this was pulled through, I slip stitched the round closed and pulled TIGHT, chained one and pulled tight again. Then, instead of going into the next stitch, I single crocheted (dc in UK terms) in the same stitch. Since those last two parts are pulled tight, then the sc (dc in UK) in the same stitch does not add any more stitches than necessary…you will still have 18 stitches in each row. This method also keeps that line less noticeable, though you can still see it when looking REALLY hard.

    • Leah

      I think I have a way – at least it worked for me! I completely fastened off each color, then joined the new color in a different place on the circle with a standing sc. The standing sc (British dc) is really easy – just drape the yarn over your hook (don’t make a slip knot), then insert your hook into a stitch, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, and pull through the loop on your hook and under the draped yarn, holding the tail of the draped yarn firmly. Then, still holding the tail, sc in the next stitch. Now you are ready to continue with your new color! By using this standing sc and staggering the starting place for the new colors, I was able to avoid a line. Hope this helps!

  6. Lucy Roberts

    I love the look of this pattern!! Am going to try my hand at making some up and selling them on my website if that’s ok? Have been wanting to make something to sell which is baby related as I want to raise money for our local maternity unit and would give a percentage of thd proceeds to them – again would direct people to you as designer if that’s ok? X

    • Naomi

      Hi Lucy,
      That is fine, thankyou for asking! I am happy for anything made from my patterns to be sold with design credit given 🙂 I only ask that the pattern itself is not reproduced or sold. xxx

      • Janet

        Thanks Naomi! I’m carrying on but I keep having trouble with the tube increasing in stitches. I know it’s something I’m doing, maybe when I change colors but I can’t figure it out. It’s not the pattern…I’m new to crochet, I’m sure it’s something I’m doing. Any suggestions?

        • Naomi

          Hi Janet, I’m not sure why that could be. Did you manage to decrease the stitches in R11&12? If so there should be 18 sts in each round and its just single dc in each stitch, is it possible that you’ve put an extra stitch in somewhere?
          If not it could be the way you join a new colour, there are a lot of different way of doing it but for the project I joined mine at the ss ending each round. So I Insert my hook into ch-1 as usual, but yarn over in the new yarn, pulling the new yarn through the 2 loops on the hook in the previous colour. This still closes the round but keeps the colour change neat. Cut the old yarn and work over the ends.
          Other than that I really don’t know, sorry! xxxx

        • Leah

          Hi Janet! I bet I know what you’re doing, because I used to have the same problem crocheting in the round. Are you remembering to skip the joining stitch from the previous round? When you slip stitch into the beginning chain at the end of each round, the ss creates a stitch that looks just like a sc. When you do your next round, you have to skip that last fake stitch before joining, or else you will be increasing one stitch each round. Hope that helps!

  7. Hello it’s me again from Chalky’s . We have just been blessed with a little Grandson and I could not think of anything more perfect to make for him so thank you so much for writing this pattern for everyone to share.
    I am just trying to think of other animals which could undergo the same treatment. Oh! What fun.
    Kindest Regards Linda

  8. Love this design. Made a very cute owl rattle from your pattern would love to be able to sell the items made. I would credit you as the designer and link to your blog. Please met me know if this is ok.

  9. Lucy Roberts

    Just wanted to thank you for a fab pattern! It was really easy to follow and my little boy loves his new owl! Will definitely be doing some for charity now x

  10. Emma

    Thank you so much for this pattern – I’m fairly new to crochet but had a go at making one for my youngest daughter’s 1st birthday, and now my 3.5 year old and (almost) 5 year old both want one too. I made it slightly bigger than the pattern (started by chaining 60 and just adapted the pattern slightly from there) and it’s just fab. No idea if this will work but hopefully this will be a link to my attempt – she’s called Flo!

  11. Ashley Lewis

    I love this pattern. I appreciate your willingness to share this with us. I made it for my sister-in-law whose about to have a boy and I think she’ll love it. I only made one boo-boo, where at the end of the tube I forgot to switch colors, so I cut the letter ‘c’ out of felt (his name will be conner) and glued it on, so it worked out great. Thank you so much again, truly 🙂

  12. Alice

    Hello Naomi
    Thanks for sharing your lovely pattern. I have just finished my own example and it was very easy to follow your decription. Now there is a lille rattle-owl i Denmark, belonging to a little boy – to be born first of November this year.

  13. Myranda

    Absolutely adorable can’t wait to make these for baby gifts! As well, I would love to sell similar ones at my local farmers market with permission of course, and I would credit you and your site of course….

  14. Sandra

    Thank you for writing this pattern and make it available for all of us. I’m about to finish my own version of it, little bit in a hurry, as my friend will be induced tomorrow and I want to take it to the hospital.
    Unfortunately you have no other pictures of the wings, they don’t come out that nice for me. Greeting from the Netherlands, Sandra

  15. Sarah

    OMG, I love this!! I’m doing my son’s room an owl theme, would you make this for me? I’ll pay you!! How much would you want to make this??

  16. I love this pattern! I just finished a complete rattle that I started in July! (mother of 2, 2 and under- that should explain the long delay!) I was doubtful that I could make one as cute as yours, but I am very pleased with the result. I had no trouble understanding the pattern. I do have one question though: how do you sew the pieces on? In the pattern it seems that you sew the eyes, nose, and wings on after the owl is stuffed and closed up. I wasn’t sure how that would work, so I sewed them on before I sewed the owl closed. I’ve been crocheting for several years but I don’t have that much experience with stuffed animals and such, so I’m still trying to learn. Can you describe the technique you use?

    • Naomi

      Hi Leslie,
      I totally understand, I only have one little girl to contend with and I barely find the time!
      This was the first stuffed piece of crochet I had ever done myself and I was just making it up as I went along! I did sew the features onto the body after it was complete, I just hand stitched them with some embroidery floss in a matching colour using a basic straight running stitch… I think I doubled up, that is to say did a second row of stitching to make sure it was secure and safe enough for inquisitive little hands! To fasten off I ran the thread through the same spot a couple of times and then knotted it well so it couldn’t come loose, I then just poked the knot through to the inside of the owl where it can’t be seen.
      Does that help? xx

  17. antonella

    Hi and thank you for sharing this lovely pattern! Just one question – I’m a beginner crocheter and my stitch counting does not always work as I wish it did: by “ch-1” you mean you have to SS in the stitch bebore the chain starting each row?
    Thank you so much!!

    • Naomi

      Hi Antonella,
      At the end of each round you slip stitch into the first stitch of that round to close it, you then chain 1 to act as the first stitch of the next round. Does that help at all? x

  18. antonella

    Thanks Naomi, I think it’s working now, it would get a bit bumpy at each row change, but it’s probably because I was slip stitching in the wrong stitch…
    Thank you again for your help and for sharing it all this with us.
    A big “CIAO” from Italy and happy Xmas!!

  19. This pattern is adorable. I have listed it on crochetatplay.com!

    we have over 9,000 free pattern links and growing every day. If you have any other free patterns you’d like listed feel free to submit them right on our main page.


  20. Destanie

    I made this last night for my little girl who will be here in a week… We LOVE owls in our house and this pattern was great! Thank you for sharing!!!

  21. ashley

    Hi, I can’t wait to get started on some of these. You suggest cotton yarn. It there a specific reason? All I have on hand is acrylic.

    • Naomi

      Hi Ashley, I’m sure acrylic will be fine! I only listed cotton as it is what I had on hand and I like the feel and weight of cotton. The only thing to consider is whether your acrylic yarn is aran/worsted weight like my cotton as that is the only thing that will affect the end product size and the fabric density. (It needs to be a tightly woven fabric to stop stuffing being pulled out by tiny fingers!) xxx

  22. Gabriela

    Hello, I find your pattern on Ravelry and I like it very much. I would like to learn if I can sell items made of this pattern? I have a little home business. I will give you a credit as a designer, of course.

    • Naomi

      Hi Gabriela, You are welcome to sell items made from my pattern if I am credited as designer 🙂 It is only the pattern itself I object to being reproduced or sold. Thankyou xx

  23. Tonya

    I am whipping up one of these as a gift and am using cotton yarn. I think that is a good choice especially if it will end up in baby’s mouth. My question is for those who have made one already using cotton yarn, how much did it shrink in the wash? Thanks.

  24. Christie

    I am so confused by the abbreviations. It says the DC is a SC in the USA?? So when I go to try to make this rattle, when it says “DC” in the pattern, I actually do a SC??? PLEASE HELP!! Thank you!!

    • Naomi

      Hi Christie,

      In the UK we use different crochet terms to the US. So where I refer to a dc(double crochet) in the US it would be called a sc(single crochet). If you are used to using US terminology everywhere I refer to a dc it means make a sc, likewise where I refer to a tr it means make a dc, etc… But a chain is still a chain and a slip stitch is still a slip stitch.
      Does that help any? xxx

  25. Ella

    Thanks for your lovely idea!
    I watched some youtube-videos yesterday to learn how to crotch (because I don’t know how to) and it turned out just great! The instruction was so easy to understand and it took my 3 hours to get it done. While making, I decided to alter the design into something slightly different (looks like a really cute monster now). It’s almost too cute to give away.
    So, thanks again. 🙂

  26. cosatantin

    bellissimo!!!!!!!!!!l’ho visto e già fatto da regalare a una mia amica che aspetta una bambina.
    le piacerà un sacco!!!!
    grazie per l’idea fantastica

  27. Denise

    Thanks a lot for your lovely pattern!
    I made this owl for our soon-to-be-born cousin. I chose red, blue, grey and white for this owl as the parents don’t know the gender (yet).
    I think with looking at the pictures, the pattern is really easy to follow 🙂

  28. Debbie

    Hi! I just saw this when looking for baby stuff to make for my neice! This is so cute! can you tell me where you purchased the plastic insides for the rattle? Thanks

  29. Becs

    Hi there!

    I came across your gorgeous owl rattle pattern and made one for a friend and they loved it!

    I would so love to make a couple and sell them, I was wondering if I had your permission to do this?

    Warm Regards
    Becs x

    • Naomi

      Hi Becs,
      I’m glad you liked the pattern. I am quite happy for you to sell anything you make from my patterns, if you could give me design credit that would be great. Thank you for asking 🙂

      Naomi xx

  30. Hi Naomi 🙂 Thank you so much for such an adorable pattern. I’m attempting to make one for my little arrival due in May, but I’m running into a problem. I’m sure it’s something I’m not doing right; I always have trouble with amigurumi. I read through the comments and saw that I count my ch 1 at the beginning of each round as a stitch. When I do this, I do come up with the correct number of stitches. However, my seam is not straight. It runs at an angle. Is there something different I should be doing? I know it seems such a petty thing. Thanks 🙂

  31. Kaitlin

    Thank you so much for this super cute pattern! I just finished a girlie one for a friend of mine & am curious how I an share a picture of it with you.

    • Naomi

      Hi Kaitlin, I’m so glad you liked the pattern. If you stop by the Lovely Little Life facebook page you can post your photo on the wall there. I’d love to see it! 🙂 xx

  32. Kirsta

    I made the owl and it turned out to be HUMONGOUS and I was confused as to what I did wrong. But I found my answer in the comments… Instead of doing a single and double crochet I was doing a double and triple crochet. It still looks adorable! But I am going to try it again since it is not good for tiny hands. Thanks for your comments and replies very helpful!

    • Naomi

      Oh no! It is difficult switching between between the different terminology isn’t it! I have been caught out myself a few times! I hope the bigger owl will still be a good softie for someone a little older 🙂 xxx

  33. Rachel

    Hello! I am making the little owl rattle right now and am having no trouble at all following your pattern 🙂 im using a 3.0 hook with rico cotton dk and it is lush! I cant wait for it to be finished. Thanks for sharing your pattern 🙂 xxx

  34. Heidi Eijkman

    Thanks so much i just whipped one up very easy to follow pattern. I added a ss edge around my wings in contrasting colour which aloud them to curve a little and stand out more. Thanks again 🙂

  35. Es precioso y muy alegre este búho , muchas gracias por compartirlo , voy a ser de nuevo tía y seguro que lo intetere hacer. No llevo mucho tiempo haciendo crochet, hará un añito y estoy enganchada 😀
    Me encanta tu trabajo! 😉
    Tengo un blog por si quieres pasarte.

  36. chary

    Hola naomi, en cuanto vi este buho sonajero me encanto, y lo estoy haciendo para regalarselo al hijo de una amiga. Lo tengo practicamente terminado, pero estoy un poco atascada con las alas ya que la traduccion no es muy buena. No tendras una foto del ala antes de habersela colocado?
    Muchas gracias y un saludo

  37. Susan Cannon

    I don’t quite understand the beak steps. It seems the count is short by one. I figured you are counting the ch1 as a stitch, but then I cannot figure out how to dc2tog using a chain plus a dc. Do you have any advice on how to do that? I’ve only ever dc2tog using 2 dc’s. Is there a video or pic that shows how to do this?


  38. Leah

    Thank you so much for the pattern! I made “Val the Valentine’s Day Owl” for my 6 month old niece for Valentine’s Day and she loved it! I will post a picture on Ravelry! Thanks again!

  39. Alexia

    Hello! I love your cute owl and my son too! I want to ask your permission to make it and sell it, and credit you as the designer!

  40. Emily

    What type of container did you use to make your rattle? I cannot think of anything small enough that would fit inside. Such a cute little toy! Can’t wait to get started on mine! Thanks for sharing!!

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