1. Boe

    Hah, I can’t get over how much Emma looks like Vincent! She’s just a tiny, cute, and altogether more girly version 🙂

    My first was cooking with ground almonds, and the pleasantly surprising result made me want to stock up on whole cupboardfulls of almonds and make anything and everything that comes to mind!

    I’ve also got the idea of replacing sugar with honey in baking constantly at the back of my head recently – but there are apparently so many important things to account for, it feels a bit daunting… have you tried this? x

    • Naomi

      Hi Boe! Everyone says that about Emma, would you believe I only just see it!

      I love ground almonds they create a lovely texture in cakes 🙂

      I’m a huge honey fan and I absolutely swap it in for sugar in all sorts of things, cakes, bread, marinades, I even have honey in my tea 🙂 The main thing you really have to be aware of I think is flavour, if it’s large quantities being swapped you may need to think about texture but I’ve never had any problems really. Obviously honey has a strong flavour compared to sugar and it might not suit some recipes, equally sometimes you really want the flavour of, for example, a dark muscovado sugar to make a recipe work, so be a bit careful. But then thats the joy of cooking its all subjective and based on trial and error. Give it a go and see what happens 🙂 X

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