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  1. Krista Clark

    Hi! I stumbled on your blog by looking for free baby bootie crochet patterns! I saw your bloggin about getting in shape. It stops in April. What happened since then? Have you reached your goal? I wanted to share something that I’m doing. I’m not doing it for weight loss because I’m nursing an infant but I will once she is weaned. Have you ever heard of the Body By Vi 90-day challenge? It’s a company called Visalus and they have a protein shake that is just wonderful. When you sign up, you make a goal to try to reach in 90 days. I went to a rally in my area a couple of weeks ago, and it was so inspiring! I’m wanting to promote it because it’s so great and people are getting such great results. Everyone needs to know about this product! Anyway…for what it’s worth. 🙂 is my web if you want to know more. It can help you reach your fitness goals easily. By the way, I really like the photo of you and your husband on your website. 🙂

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