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I have a new crochet pattern for baby sandals!!!

You might know my Flower Power Sandals pattern, this started as a simple variation of that…. and ended as a complete redesign!

These sandals are, I think, a great improvement, they are double soled for sturdiness, a better fit, less stitching together is required and I am actively working on the patterns for multiple sizes.

Also they are adorable!

I will be working on a photo tutorial but as I’m sure you appreciate that is a lot of work and I have yet to find the time! But it is coming soon!

Edit: This is a long post already with just one size written out (I don’t know why I started with 6-9 months?!) but I am going to leave it as is and put the other sizes into a single PDF download. I think it will be clearer, and it will have the bonuses of being available offline and easily printable. Keep a look out at the weekend!!!

As usual, this is a FREE pattern, please do not sell or reproduce this pattern elsewhere. You are welcome to sell items you make from my patterns but please give design credit and when relevant please link back here. Also, please do not use any of my photos without my express permission and giving appropriate credit. Thank you!

Teeny Tiny Heart Sandals (6-9 months)

2 or 3 colours of aran weight cotton yarn (Rico Creative Cotton or Drops Paris are good)
3.5mm, 3mm & 2.5mm hooks
darning needle

I’m using UK terminology, these are the stitches and abbreviations being used.
st(s) = stitch(es)
ch = chain
ss = slip stitch
dc = double crochet (single crochet U.S)
htr = half treble (half double U.S)
htr2tog = half treble 2 together
tr = treble (double crochet U.S)
RS = right side

This pattern makes one sandal beginning to end, work through twice for the pair!

Sole (make 2)

Using a 3.5mm hook chain 15.

R1) Work 3dc in 2nd ch from hook, dc in the next 6 ch, htr in the next ch, tr in the next 5 ch, 7tr in the last ch. Working along the opposite side, tr in the next 5ch, htr in the next ch, dc in the next 6 ch. DO NOT FASTEN OFF. If it is helpful to you place a marker in the last st and move up each round.

R2) Beginning in the top of the first st of the previous round.
2dc in the next 3 sts, htr in the next 13 sts, 2htr in the next 5 sts, htr in the next 13 sts.

R3) Beginning in the top of the first st of the previous round.
[htr in the next st, 2htr in the next st] 3 times, htr in the next 13 sts, [htr in next st, 2htr in next st] 5 times, htr in the next 13 sts. Slip stitch in to the next st and fasten off.

Place the two soles wrong sides together. Starting at the centre stitch of the heel end slip stitch the soles together.
(I used a contrasting colour here that I would also use for the heel, toe strap etc.. but this is up to you.)


Turn the sole so that the back loop (not the ‘v’) of the slip stitches is facing you, these single loops are what we will be stitching in to.

R1) Find the centre of the heel which should be between to sl sts, count along 9 sts to the right, this is your starting point.
Using a 3.5mm hook, join your yarn and ch2 (these chs do NOT count as a st), starting in the same st, htr in each of teh next 18 sts.

R2) Turn your work, ch3 (DOES count as a st), temporarily drop this yarn but DO NOT fasten off, skip a st and join a new colour, [ch2, tr, ch1, tr, htr] in the next st, *skip 3 sts, in the next st [htr, tr, ch1, tr, htr]* repeat ** twice more, fasten this colour off. These are your heart clusters.

R3) Pick up your original yarn, *sl st into the back loop of the first st of the heart cluster, dc into the ch space, sl st into the back loop of the 3rd heart st, tr into the 2nd sk st of previous round* repeat twice more, then sl st into the back loop of the first st of the heart cluster, dc into the ch space, sl st into the back loop of the 3rd heart st, tr into the last sk st.

R4) Turn your work, ch1 (do NOT count as a st), dc in each st across.

R5) Turn your work, ch1, *htr in the next st, htr2tog starting in the same st, htr in the finishing st of the htr2tog, sl st in the next st, sl st in the next st*, repeat ** to the end, finishing with only one sl st, fasten off.

Ankle Ties

Using a 2.5mm hook, ch 40, sl st to the first st on the top left side of the heel, sl st in the next st, fasten off.
Repeat attaching to the right hand side.

Toe Strap

The toe strap is crocheted into the same sl st back loops as the heel. Starting on the right hand side of the sandal as it faces you, count along 9 sts, this is your starting point.

R1) Using a 3.5mm hook, ch2 (do NOT count as a st) htr in the same st as ch2, htr in next two sts. (This is back towards the heel)

R2-9) Turn work, ch2 (do NOT count as a st) htr across.

R10) sl st into the opposite side of the sole, starting in the 7th st down from the heel. (You should be crocheting towards the toe end.) Fasten off.


Using a 3mm hook, make a magic circle, into it ch2, 5 htr, ch1, tr, ch1, 5 htr, ch2, sl st. Pull the circle to a tight close and fasten off leaving long tail ends.

Using the tail ends stitch the heart to the centre of the toe strap.

You are done!


Hopefully you have a pair of sandals that look something like these!

Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions, or just to say hi!

Happy Hooking!

Naomi x2



Happy Monday!

Good evening lovelies! I am a bit late getting this up today, but it’s an improvement on last week when I missed it altogether! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to the week ahead :)

I join in with Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for this, so do go and say hi!

Breakfast time… what is on the plate this morning:::

It was a large cup of tea with a simple bowl of cereal this morning.

On today’s to-do list:::

Clean the kitchen counters & floor
Make a menu plan to clear out the freezer – it is in serious need of defrosting!
Continue making plans for Emma’s schooling.
Have fun playing with my little munchkin!!

Currently reading:::

My Bible and Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart (her autobiography I’ve borrowed from a friend, such fun!)

On the tv today:::

Emma watched Happy Feet while I was sorting out dinner, I’m tossing up watching the new episode of New Tricks tonight or Horizon: Should I Eat Meat? – I’ll prob go for the latter and catch up on New Tricks with the hubby later.

The weather outside is:::

Cooler!!! It has been sunny mostly with a break for rain around 4ish…. of course now its more or less dark (yay shorter days = autumn) and it is always windy here.

On the menu this week:::

Haven’t got to this yet today… will hopefully get to it before bedtime?!

If I have a few minutes to myself,  I will:::

Crochet! I have a tin cover on the hook currently, but also need to work on sandals, christmas things, a cushion cover, giraffes and a tea cosy!

In the garden:::

A poor, neglected, sorry sight, completely overrun by the neighbours cats who insist on using it as a giant litterbox :’( I swear if we are still living here come next spring the garden will be my top priority.

Favourite photo from the camera:::


Praying for:::

Continuing to pray for Vince’s work situation at the moment – that we would hear something soon, wisdom for Emma’s future schooling, and for continued peace in our current season of unknowns. For many friends and family for many different reasons. For the fallen world we live in.

Bible verse, Devotional that is resonating with me at the moment:::

Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand.
And we 
boast in the hope of the glory of God. 
Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:1-4 NIV

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