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Hello lovelies!

I trust that you all had a wonderful Easter weekend! We enjoyed ours, it was low key, peaceful and joyful!

I actually want to share some photos with you today from before Easter.

Last Wednesday we celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary :-) As it’s not always easy for Vince and I to arrange 1-1 time together we planned on having a family day out.

Emma is currently in the midst of a deep passion for all things Winnie the Pooh so we decided to visit ‘Pooh Country’! (And if we’re being honest Vince and I are fans of the little bear and his friends too!)

‘Pooh Country’ means Hartfield in East Sussex, the place where A.A. Milne wrote his stories and the surrounding countryside that inspired various ‘Pooh Places’.

We started out our day at Pooh Corner, which I completely neglected to take a picture of :( but do check out their website! It’s a lovely old house that is packed to the rafters (NOT an exaggeration!) with Winnie the pooh related goodness.

After a quick look around we picked up a map and set out on our ‘expotition’ to find Pooh Bridge.

collecting sticks

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We literally couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day for a walk.


We stopped for a picnic in a meadow field and I could have stayed forever just drinking in the landscape.

under a tree

I love living by the sea but this sort of country view will always be my favourite, especially in the spring.


Happily we stumbled on some bluebells which I thought I would miss this year, not having any bluebell woods easily accessible to us without a car.

bluebells-hartfield After a good 2 hours walking at Emma’s stop/start pace we made it to Pooh Bridge for multiple games of Pooh Sticks!


Someone was also very excited to stumble upon ‘Piglits House’! Sadly he wasn’t home when she knocked!


By the time we had walked back to Pooh Corner Emma was finally worn out (after walking the best part of 4 miles, my little star!) and was sound asleep in the pushchair. So Vince and I enjoyed a quiet and delicious cream tea – with honey of course!

honey pooh tea

It was such a lovely day and the perfect way to celebrate being married for 3 years to best man I know. A blessed day together as a family, a family that couldn’t possibly be without that lovely man of mine <3

v & e bridge

I love you Mr Wade, and I thank God each day that I am blessed to be your wife.

Naomi x2


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Wasn’t Tuesday just gorgeous in the south east? We popped into town for a few errands and found ourselves whiling away the hours on the seafront. Bliss.

Considering we live close enough to the sea to view it from our bedroom window we spend shockingly little time on the beach. I mean virtually none at all. Crazy, huh?

Oh and all this pollution and saharan desert sand storm that was supposed to be covering the south coast…. Well I can’t say we noticed it!

So here are some photo’s I snapped on my phone…

vince beach::: Handsome.

throwing stones::: Throwing.

emma beach::: Roaming.

whitebait::: Whitebait.

beach art::: Building.

shingle bottle::: Collecting.

Making Memories!

Naomi x2


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