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Wasn’t Tuesday just gorgeous in the south east? We popped into town for a few errands and found ourselves whiling away the hours on the seafront. Bliss.

Considering we live close enough to the sea to view it from our bedroom window we spend shockingly little time on the beach. I mean virtually none at all. Crazy, huh?

Oh and all this pollution and saharan desert sand storm that was supposed to be covering the south coast…. Well I can’t say we noticed it!

So here are some photo’s I snapped on my phone…

vince beach::: Handsome.

throwing stones::: Throwing.

emma beach::: Roaming.

whitebait::: Whitebait.

beach art::: Building.

shingle bottle::: Collecting.

Making Memories!

Naomi x2


I have had such a wonderful day, full of love and laughter, a perfectly relaxed, family oriented Sunday.

These are a few moments I captured through out the day :)

Perfect Sunday 3::: After a breakfast treat of pain au chocolat, we all headed to church this morning. Emma was on her best behaviour and Vince even took her up to the children’s talk for the first time.

Perfect Sunday 2::: We came home in time to take this beautiful brisket out of the oven, which had been slow cooking all morning. There is nothing better than coming back to a house that smells of something yummy cooking!

Perfect Sunday 4::: The brisket became the centrepiece of  a great roast dinner, thoroughly enjoyed by all. Emma even ate some vegetables voluntarily!!!

Perfect Sunday 1::: A little post-dinner/pre-nap afternoon reading time. Love our little bookworm <3

Perfect Sunday::: Early evening cuddles watching The AristoCats (although daddy was snoozing!)

Perfect Sunday 5::: Emma has gone to bed, I am having a second helping of dessert (peach cobbler & custard) and settling in with some crochet and films with my hubby. Oh and writing this post of course!

If only Vince had every Sunday at home! I hope you have all had a lovely day too :-)

Naomi x2






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